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Hello, my name is Sarah Gasson and I am the designer of the Knitables Knit a Teddy range of knitted soft toys. I live in Cardiff, Wales with my husband Lee and two children Thomas and Hannah. Knitables really is a family run project; I get to spend all day knitting (how lucky am I), Lee designs and builds my website and Thomas and Hannah provide me with the inspiration for my designs. They are also my biggest critics!

Knitables is dedicated to my brave and inspirational mum-in-law Linda, who during her 13 year battle with cancer, raised thousands of pounds for charity by knitting scarves and toys. It was Linda who first encouraged me to design my own range of knitted toys, as she was constantly looking for new things to knit and was always so impressed with my designs and ideas. Sadly, she is no longer with us, but our memories of her will live on forever.

All my knitting patterns are sold in PDF format. This means that the pattern is only available electronically; you will not receive a paper version in the post. A big benefit is that it allows you to get your pattern immediately after purchase. You can view downloadable patterns on any device with an Adobe PDF reader, so this could be your computer, tablet, iPad or even your smart phone. Most computers come with Adobe pre-installed, but should you need to install or update Adobe you can do so here.

The patterns are written in English and are very easy to follow. They also contain a lot of photographs to help you complete your project. All pieces are knitted flat on straight knitting needles. You will need to be able to cast on and off, knit, purl, work increases and decreases, change colour and sew seams. Some of the patterns incorporate intarsia colour-work and as such the pattern includes easy to follow colour charts.

 Finally, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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